3kW Storage

99% Efficiency at High-Line
Bi-Directional Operation
4 x smaller magnetics



The PFC/Inverter platform delivers efficiency exceeding 99% over a wide power range and offers the best-in-class performance/cost ratio by combining the bridgeless totem-pole architecture and multi-level stacking of low-voltage MOSFETs. This innovation enhanced by ICERGi proprietary drive and control algorithm enable significant reduction in cost, size, and EMI noise as compared to GaN implementation. ICERGI PFC technologies are a low-cost mature Si alternative to GaN.

A system block diagram for AC interfaced storage is shown in Fig. 1.
This unit is based on the scalable and mappable power conversion engine, enabled by ICERGi digital control.

Fig. 1 AC Interfaced Storage Block Diagram

PFC Performance Data

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Inverter Performance Data

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