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AC Storage Interface

  • 99% Efficiency at High-Line

  • 90W/in³ Power Density

  • 4 x reduction in magnetics size

  • No interleaving required for power over 3kW


Multilevel Conversion Platform

  • Digital Control - Scalable and Mappable

  • Multilevel - High efficiency and power density


ICERGi PFC Control Card

  • Scalable Power Range 300W - 3kW

  • Mappable Applications - Inverter / PFC / Buck / Boost / Bi-Directional

  • Covered by substantial patent portfolio


“Dual Titanium” Power Converter

  • "Dual Titanium" Efficiency

  • Universal 1kW power supply

  • 12V Output

  • > 96% Efficiency at High-Line

  • 29.3W/in³ Power Density

  • No low-line derating


The low risk path to highest efficiency - 96%+ end to end - 99%+ PFC stage


ICERGi technologies are proven in reference designs intended for real-world applications.


ICERGi knowhow and IP has accumulated into a handful of technologies. These enable power supplies with Titanium-Level efficiency and high power density at low cost. All that done with comodity Silicon.


This is the next-best way to catch up with ICERGi progress.
The best way is to come see us!

AC Storage – Delivering 90W/in³ at 99% efficiency

ICERGi PFC/INV technologies may also be used in AC storage solutions. Delivering 90W/in³ at 99% efficiency in compact hardware that...

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99% PFC Efficiency with Si at lower cost

ICERGi power factor correction (PFC) solutions deliver efficiency exceeding 99% over a wide power range by combining the bridgeless totem-pole...

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Digital Control allows PFC efficiency improvement at light load

ICERGi have implemented improvements to its PFC stages, through enhanced digital modulation algorithms, with the objective of maximising efficiencies at...

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Power Electronics Conference 2019

Bernard McCarthy (VP Corporate Development) will be attending Power Electronics Conference on December 2, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel in...

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Bi-Directional PFC/Inverter @ 99%η

ICERGi Digital control combined with Scalable and Mappable multilevel conversion engine can now be deployed in UPS applications reducing system...

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3kW Inverter exceeding 99%ɳ

ICERGi has released its 3kW Inverter based on the Multilevel Conversion Platform. This means that all ICERGi technologies and multilevel...

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Low Cost High Performance PFC Stage

ICERGi have released a cost-down 3kW PFC variant at 98.8%(high-line) and 97.6%(low-line) efficiency. This efficiency drop of 0.2% (high-line) and...

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APEC 2019

ICERGi team will be presenting a paper titled “99% Efficiency 3-Level Bridgeless Totem-pole PFC Implementation with Low-voltage Silicon at Low...

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“Dual Titanium” – 1kW AC-DC Power Converter 96%ɳ @230V and 95%ɳ @115V

ICERGi releases a 1000W reference design that beats Titanium at both low line and high line! This “Dual Titanium” “True...

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Optimisations to the 700W unit lead to significant efficiency gains

ICERGi continues to further improve the 700W demonstrator unit. Optimisations to both, the PFC and the LLC stage further accentuate...

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99% PFC Efficiency – with Silicon at Low Cost!

Power factor correction (“PFC”) functionality is a fundamental building block in all mid-range power supplies for electronic equipment. Our work...

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PCIM 2018

ICERGi team will be attending PCIM Europe 2018 in Nuremberg, 5-7 June. PCIM is the global event in power electronics,...

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APEC 2018

Dr. Trong Tue Vu and Mr. Bernard McCarthy will be showing the latest 99% efficiency multilevel PFC technology at APEC...

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ICERGi at PCIM 2017

ICERGi will be at PCIM this May. If you’d like to meet the team and learn more about our Multilevel...

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ICERGi at APEC 2017

ICERGi team will be attending APEC this year to introduce the true universal 700W End-End unit featuring ICERGi Multilevel and...

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ICERGi at PEDG 2016

Edgaras Mickus will be at PEDG 2016 (27th-30th June) presenting a paper on “A Low-Profile, High Power Density Inverter with...

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ICERGi at PCIM 2016

ICERGi is taking part in PCIM 2016 with a paper on “Digital adaptive control approach to dynamic response improvement for...

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ICERGi initial product preview at APEC 2016

ICERGi has chosen APEC 2016 event for coming out of “under the radar” operation. With initial product lineup of Power...

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ICERGi at APEC 2016

ICERGi is taking part in APEC 2016 with papers on “Implementation of multi-level bridgeless PFC rectifiers for mid-power single phase...

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